Cutting   Bystronic CNC laser BYFLEX 1.5kW
Laser cutting of steel tubes up to 4000 mm length with 350 mm diameter and 8 mm thickness, also tubes of aluminium and stainless steel of 2 mm thickness. Laser cutting sheet metal up to 8mm and for aluminium and stainless steel up to 2mm dimension area 4000 mm x 1000 mm.
    Bystronic CNC laser BYSPEED 3015 4,4 kW 
Laser cutting sheet metal up to 20 mm, also stainless and aluminium up to 12 mm thickness, dimensional area 3000 mm x 1500 mm.
    Flow Europé Water cutting with two cutting nozzles, operating range 4000 mm x 2000 mm. Cuts sheet metal up to 100 mm.
    ESAB Falcon FXA 3000 oxy-fuel cutting, operating range 4000 mm x 2000 mm. Cuts up to 150 mm.
Cutting   Plate shears SAFAN 3000 mm x 10 mm
Plate shears 3100 x 4 mm
Plate shears 1050 x 2,5 mm
Plate shears 4000 x 3 mm
Curve shears Bombleu – Paris
Corner cutting   Corner cutting machine FIM
Corner cutting machine Boschert
Cutting   Abrasive wheel cut-off saw AMES 200
Abrasive wheel cut-off saw OMES TV 300
Abrasive wheel cut-off saw AL 150
Abrasive wheel cut-off saw Brown 250
Band saw equipment Thomas 31050
Band saw equipment Shark
Band saw equipment Femi
Band saw equipment Wahlström
NC-controlled tube-cutting machine CSM CT 375
Punching   Integrated CNC Punching & Shearing machine Finn-Power SG6 operating range 1500 x 3000 mm. Punching sheet-metal up to 3 mm, stainless steel and aluminium up to 2 mm.
Pierce-All 3025 A72/54. Press force 250 kN.
Edging press   3 CNC-edging press. Operating range up to 4000 mm and 220 tonnes.
Depending on sheet length can bend sheet metal up to 15 mm.
Deep drawing   Hydraulic press Lagan up to 140 tonnes. Table 1000 x 1200 mm. Deep drawing of sheet metal parts up to 200 mm in diameter.
Punch eccentric press   Rönnqvist PE 16. Press force 160 kN.
Arosverken RAHL 40 – conveyor belt transport. Press force 40 tonnes.
Edge folding   Edge folding machine Götene KR 76, 2000 mm.
Roller bending   Roller bending machine IMCAR. Up to 2500 mm in width, length 3000 mm and thickness up to 20 mm.
Roller bending machine ROUNDO for profile bending.
Curving bending machine   Curving bending machine NMV 8266 – 2000 mm.
Curving bending machine Luna – 1000 mm.
Conjoining   TIG-welding equipment
MIG-MAG-welding equipment
MMA-welding equipment
CMT-welding equipment
Motoman robotic welding machine with vertical reach 900 x 600 mm and horizontal rotating positioner for max diameter 600 mm.
All–round weld, HN Automatic Kemppi
Spot welding machine
Stud welding machine
Rivet upsetting machine
Soldering   Traditional and MIG soldering.
Heat treatment   Electro oven. Range 2x2x1 m. Temperature range up to 700 degrees. Pre-heating and stress-relieving.
Levelling   Roller levelling max width 1000 mm.
Folding   Folding machine LIPP RL 30 3000 mm
Tube bending machine   Tube bending machine BEMA Rekord 45 FCZ D/CNC
Tube bending machine Herber SBM 40 ASVE
Tube bending machine Herber EBM 20 ASVE
Tube bending machine Herber ABM40 CNC
Tube bending machine Herber 80 M2 CNC
Tube bending machine Herber Dual 300CNC
End forming - tube   NC-controlled end forming station CSM EF 30-6. Processes tubes with diameter up to 30 mm.
Deburring equipment, brush deburring Rotomat.
Deburring equipment, cutting deburring Thoolman.
Revolving end forming Curvatubi AST/40. Processes tubes up to 50 mm.
Drilling   Series drilling machine type Solberg (2 st)
Drill Arboga E100
Machining   For more information see Engström AB – affiliated company.
Assembly   PEMSERTER Series 2000/ mounting press nuts, Popnuts, Tog-L-Loc Parker EOMAT 111/A/ mounting cutting rings.
Parker EOMAT111/A/ mounting cutting rings.
Measuring   Measuring machine Aicon Tubelnspect. Digital camera-controlled 3D measuring technique - adapter measurement.
FARO measuring arm - sheet metal.
Surface treatment   Powder coating line Techma for products up to 6000 mm length, 800 mm width and up to 1800 mm in height. Basic treatment: alkaline wash and iron phosphate treatment.
Blasting of smaller products.
Through our network collaboration, we can provide electrical (poilshing) electrogalvanising and hot galvanizing, anodizing and more.
Labelling   Dot pin marking system Bench Mark 320
Labelling equipment INO VALENTIN
Labelling equipment INO VALENTIN
Interior tube cleaning   Effstrom Mini Wash for washing piping/tubing with integrated oil mist and pressure testing. Alkaline wash at 60 degrees for 10 bar pressure. Can handle lengths from 70 mm up to 4500 mm with diameter from 6 mm to 22 mm. Tools can be used to wash tubes with a diameter of up to 40 mm. Average speed for cleaning tubes 1.5 m in length is 12-14 seconds.
Tube plug   Quick-Set with 2 plugging machines.
Miscellaneous   In addition to this list are several manual sheet metal processing machines.