X-Modul will reduce your costs significantly for transport and storage. Tap the images for more information.

X-Module is to its surface area a 20-foot container-like module for diverse applications, temporary or permanent needs, developed based on many years of manufacturing mobile personnel accommodation .The expansion mechanism is a newly developed product that significantly reduces the user's cost of transportation, installation and storage.

The module frame is made up of sturdy powder-coated steel. Walls and ceilings are of a so-called  "sandwich structure”, consisting of plastic foam with fiberglass laminate on both sides. Laminate sheet can be obtained as an alternative to fiberglass. The middle part of the roof is equipped with corrugated iron resting on steel beams with runoff for rain and meltwater. The extension roofs slant slightly outwards. 

The construction is well thought out and the module is equipped with a number of safety points. Tarpaulin protects the module during transport and storage at location.

The built-in technique cabinet, accessible by exterior door, is adapted to supply electrical power with a three-phase system with 16 amps / 380 volt system. A good-sized water heater provides hot water and LED loops supply comfortable and energy-efficient lighting. 

The flexible design of the X-Modul allows it to be easily used for very diverse purposes. The interior layout and design can, in consultation with the designer, be adapted to most needs. A customized designed roof console for solar panels makes it very useful in areas that lack access to safe electricity and clean water. A DC-based power system is controlled for storage and consumption from an internal battery bank. X-Modul is therefore well suited as office, liaison centre and in disaster areas for refugee shelters and field hospitals.

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