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26th of January 2021


New building is now finished. We have started to move our assembly operation into it. 

30 May 2020.

New building

Now we start to get the feeling of the new building. Presently we are attaching the walls to the wood structure. 

6th of July

New tubebending machine


We have just bought a new tube bending machine to increase our capacity. The machine is a Herber 350RL. It will be delivered and installed after summer shutdown. 

1st of July 2020.

Summer lunch

Today we took some time to eat a hamburger lunch together. Although everything is different now due to the Corona restrictions. 

Next week will be our last working week before a 4 weeks summer shut down. 

1st of July  2020.

Tier trollies 


We have produced 50 tier trollies for Valla Däck that can be used in tier shops for easily moving wheels around. 

2 June 2020.


Today we are pouring concrete for the new foundation. Perfect day for this work. 

30maj 2020.

New storage and assembly building

During this week we are preparing the foundation before poring concret next week. Total area will be 1032m2

11 maj 2020.

Soon we will launch our new tool cabinet


When we looked into present tool cabinets in the market we didnt find any that fullfilled our demands. What to do? Design your own of course. Will be launched to the market during fall 2020.